The Challenge

creating a brand identity for “Chills,” a sex toy brand that aims to bring lightness and humor to the sex toy industry. The goal was to develop a visual identity that felt less threatening and more approachable, encouraging people to take sex toys less seriously while maintaining a modern and inclusive appeal.

The Solution

We crafted a brand strategy that incorporated humor and a playful tone into the visual identity. We developed a series of characters based on the sex toys, personifying the products to make them more playful and engaging.


The design uses a soft and playful font, chosen to create a modern and humorous perspective on sex toys.

Color Palette

 The color palette is centered around purple, chosen for its gender-neutral qualities. This palette helps to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, making the brand appealing to a wide audience.


 The logo design features a vibrator, normalizing the visibility of sex toys and reflecting the brand’s playful nature. This choice aligns with the goal of making sex toys feel less threatening and more approachable