The Challenge

The challenge was to create a brand and web design for Venia, a platform that combines high-quality pleasure products with comprehensive educational resources. The goal was to design an elegant online platform that offers a safe, inclusive space for exploring and learning about sexual health, while representing growth and the journey of sexual discovery.

The Solution

We developed an elegantly designed online platform that balances aesthetics with functionality, ensuring a welcoming and informative experience for users. The branding strategy included a delicate, anatomically inspired logo and a thoughtful color palette, symbolizing endless sexual discovery and inclusivity.


The design uses a classic serif font with a lot of personality and flow, creating a balance between classy and personal.

Color Palette

 The color palette includes tones that represent plants, chosen to be non-gender-specific. This palette fosters an inclusive environment, emphasizing growth and the natural journey of discovering sexuality.


The logo design features a cursive font with a lot of personality and flow, resembling the female anatomy and forming an infinite loop to symbolize endless sexual discovery.