The Challenge

The objective was to create a branding strategy for Jerusalem’s “Urban” Music Festival that seamlessly blends the city’s ancient history with its contemporary underground music scene. The challenge was to develop a visual identity that honors the historical significance of Jerusalem while capturing the vibrant, modern energy of the festival.

The Solution

We crafted a movement-inspired logo incorporating iconic city landmarks, transforming Jerusalem’s streets into a rhythmic playground. The branding strategy was designed to merge the historical essence of the city with the dynamic, modern vibes of the music festival.


The logo features a bold, condensed sans-serif font that represents the buildings and urban atmosphere of Jerusalem. This choice reflects the strong, structured feel of the city’s architecture while maintaining a contemporary edge.

Color Palette

The colors used in the branding give a dreamy, modern feeling that complements the historical architecture of Jerusalem. This palette bridges the gap between the ancient and the contemporary, creating a cohesive and captivating visual identity.

The logo

The movement-inspired logo blends iconic city landmarks with the festival’s vibrant energy. This design element not only highlights Jerusalem’s rich history but also brings to life the underground music scene, making the city’s streets feel like a rhythmic playground.

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